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Teak Furniture – Different Types

April 1st, 2022

In this article I will cover some of the teak products and give you a general idea of how they can be used.

Chair product details.

Teak chair models come in an assortment of colors and sizes. Chairs range from light unfinished wood grains to dark garnet glossy finishes. Darker models can only be described as antique in appearance and in style. Prada Stackable Chair, Dakar Chair, Alaska Arm Chair and the Prada Stackable Chair all have arm rest which separates them from theothers. Here is the complete list of available teak chair models:

Veracruz Chair/ Torino Chair/ Tanzania Chair/ Sahara Chair/ Prada Stackable Chair/ Prada Butterfly Chair/ Lahti Chair/ Galicia Chair/ Dakar Chair/ Campania Chair/ Alaska Chair/ Alaska Arm Chair

Teak Accessories.

The teak Wine Rack has room for several bottles of wine, two pull out drawers, three shelves and room on the top for other items. Ideal for either personal or business purposes, this antique style wine rack is a perfect addition for any wine connoisseur.

How about a teak wood unfinished.

Beverage Table for serving guest? This two tiers table on wheels comes with a built in beverage holder for your convenience. With two wheels in the front and legs in the back, it’s easy to maneuver around and leave stationary afterward. Additional teak furniture accessories include the following:

Piani Rack/ Opium Tray/ Maracaibo Rack/ Holland Rack/ Grid Tray/ Grid Sketsel/ Caronelo Rack/ Buttler Tray

Teak Furniture Sets.

For indoor or outdoor use, there is the unfinished teak St Helena set. This gem may serve a multi-use purpose depending on the occasion. It’s stylish enough to pass for home furniture or could be used out in the backyard as well. Other table sets to take into consideration are the antique brown Sahara set, the unfinished Galicia set and the unfinished Alaska furniture set.

Teak benches.

The idea of owning a bench for your home may not have occurred to you before. This unorthodox piece of furniture can add a touch of the outdoors to any room in your home. Ideal for porches and sun rooms, the unfinished Freiburg Bench and the unfinished Cerratera teak Benches are very spacious. Heavy set people may find one of these benches more comfortable than normal chairs due to its width.

Other teak products of interest are; tables, coffee tables both available in unfinished and antique styles, the Sonnhofen deep seating unit, Teak Chaise Loungers and various teak tile styles.

With so much elegant teak to choose from, how can you go wrong? You can transform any location into a pleasing habitat for you and your entire family. All it takes is a little imagination along with high quality teak products to bring out the warmness your home has to offer. So don’t eliminate teak furniture from your shopping list just yet.